I'm your Dope - so take me.

Hey Guys,
How you can see: I'm a Girl. I'm a Girl who is fallen in love with the Perky/Pastel Gothic Style... and in love with Glitter, Toxic, Pink, Neon, Leopard-, Tiger- & Zebrapattern, Purple, Red, White/Black, exceptionally/unusual, Pictures, (Creative-) Make Up, Outfits, Shoes. So I'm just a Girl ;) .

My Music is varied: Industrial, almost all Metal genre, Gothic, Pop, 80's/90's, J-pop/rock, Instrumental (Horror, soothing, Dream...), Trance.

I love to be not like everyone, I'm unique - everybody is in his way unique. I don't want to be like all the normal peoples, who are living on this world, there are too much normal/boring People - so therefore I AM HERE.

I am born: March, 31st, 1994 in Bavaria / Middle Franconia / Feuchtwangen (Near Nuremberg) now i live together with my Boyfriend in Flensburg. And I am Happy <3.