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I'm a Girl which is fallen in love with the Perky/Pastel Gothic Style... and in love with Glitter, Toxic, Pink, Neon, Leopard-, Tiger- & Zebrapattern, Purple, Red, White/Black, exceptionally/unusual, Pictures, (Creative-) Make Up, Outfits, Shoes.

My Music is varied: Industrial, almost all Metal genre, Gothic, Pop, 80's/90's, J-pop/rock, Instrumental (Horror, soothing, Dream...), Trance.

I'm not like the mainstream, I'm unique. I don't want to be like the norm. On this World, exists too much normality, all has anything pretend. Too much girls follow the plenty, they dress like the fashion magizines printed on paper or like the famous models with no weight and like the "famous" stars they show.

I am born: March, 31st, 1994 in Bavaria / Middle Franconia / Feuchtwangen (Near Nuremberg) now i live together with my Boyfriend in Flensburg. (5 min. and I'm on the border to Denmark). It's a beautiful small city, with the baltic sea, and a few miles away, you can went to the nordic sea.
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